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☰ Year 3 Trip to Styal Mill

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Year 3 Trip to Styal Mill

Posted on March 08 2019

Year 3 Trip to Styal Mill

Last Friday Year 3 took a step back in time to the 1800s whilst visiting Styal Mill. This was made even more realistic with the children looking impressive, dressed in Victorian costume.

The day started with a visit to The Apprentice House. Here we met Miss Shawcross or Mam as she also likes to be called. The children were given a taste of how life was for a young apprentice working for Mr. Samuel Greg at the Mill. Much to the delight of the boys, they were allowed to always walk before the girls, although they weren’t so pleased when they found out some of the jobs they had to do such as empty the bedpans! They got an idea of the daily life they would have as an apprentice where they endured long working hours with only a short break and having to share a straw-filled mattress bed with another child. The children soon realised life was hard as an apprentice but the Greg family were one of the most generous mill owners and treated their apprentices with some kindness.

After that, we visited the main mill where we got to try out many ‘hands-on’ activities which included collecting and carrying large containers which would have been filled with the raw cotton and sweeping up excess cotton from the mill floor.

At every different part of the mill, there were expert demonstrators so the children could understand with greater depth how it was to work for long hours in the noisy, dusty and hot mill.

The children all engaged well with the volunteers, listening carefully and asking some insightful questions.

Here are a few quotes which they considered as their favourite facts from their day…

“Men did the exact same job as women but men got paid more, so it was not fair!”

“My favourite part was finding how cotton is spun on a spinning wheel”.

“The Victorians wiped their bottoms with hay!”

Our visit to the Mill gave the children a super introduction to our new history topic and the children returned with great enthusiasm although a little tired after a very busy day.

All the children were a credit to themselves and Forest Park with super behaviour and showed a keenness to learn. Well done Year 3!

Click here to see some photographs from our trip.

Mrs Moores

Year 3 teacher

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