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☰ Year 3 Trip to Styal Mill

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Year 3 Trip to Styal Mill

Posted on March 03 2017

It was a step back in time for the children as they began their day in the Apprentice House at Quarry Bank Mill.  As potential apprentices to work in the mill, the children were put through the rigours of a classroom scenario as it would have been during the 18th Century.  They quickly realised that the pupils of this time didn’t have fun and interesting lessons, but instead had to sit in silence and refer to Mrs Shawcross (the teacher ) as ‘Marm’ without even having any eye contact with her!  Only those that passed a strict medical test would be allowed to start their apprenticeships at Quarry Bank of which there were four from the class. (We decided not to leave them!)

After lunch, we visited the main mill.  This gave the children a greater insight into the lives of the mill workers especially those that were working as child labourers.  The fantastic working machinery such as the Spinning Jenny was in action for the children to see how hot, loud and noisy this environment was, and to understand how dangerous and hard their lives would have been working at the Mill.

Our guide for the day, Graham, called our class the three G’s- Graham’s Great Group!  He was hugely impressed with the children for showing interest, being focused and for having superb manners.  This is exactly how they were and flew the flag for Forest Park brilliantly.

Click here to see some more photographs from our day.

Mrs Moores

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