This week in Art we read “The Dot” the children used collage materials and pens to make their own dots.

This week Zara has been celebrating a special Hindu festival. She brought her book in to tell year 2 all about it.

2/2 afternoon.So thank you...Mrs Smith, Ms Derbyshire, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Pickford, Mrs Williams, Mrs Elliott, Mrs…

☰ Year 3 Trip to Tatton

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Year 3 Trip to Tatton

Posted on January 25 2018

Year 3 Trip to Tatton

Although the weather was squally and cold, the Year 3 children were fully prepared for their day at Tatton Farm to learn more about the Prehistoric times.

The children gained many experiences with the Stone/Bronze/Iron age workshop during their visit. One example of this was using bones and antlers to dig furrows. This proved to be a tiring job even for a short period and it made them realise how exhausting it must have been for the people of that era.

To start the day the children were made into a human timeline, so they had a better understanding of the past and present, going back as far as the dinosaurs which roamed earth way before man lived on our planet.

They were given the opportunity to hold and feel animal skins as well as other artefacts such as flints, antlers and tools.

We couldn’t leave Tatton Farm without visiting the farm animals. So we had a walk around the pig sty where we saw many different breed of pigs and piglets and the children fed the hungry goats; some which were greedier than others!

All the children had a thoroughly informative and exciting day and we were very proud of their enthusiasm to learn.

They were a credit to Forest Park showing wonderful manners and behaviour as visitors to Tatton Park.

Click here to see more pictures from the trip.

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