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Year 4 Class Assembly

Posted on October 11 2018

Year 4 Class Assembly

Following our recent visit to the Liverpool World Museum to see the Terracotta Army exhibition, it only seemed right to focus our Year 4 assembly on this very topic. The children thoroughly enjoyed the museum, tour, and workshop - leaving extremely eager and excited to explore the secrets of this ancient underground world even further.

Whilst touring the exhibition, the children completed an activity booklet which encouraged them to read different bits of information and explore the artifacts with greater focus. Following this, we took part in an education workshop whereby the children looked at three different topics: war, looking at how he conquered the seven different states and unified them to create the country we now know as China; legacies, exploring the single units of measure, coins, and Chinese language; and discoveries, looking at the different artifacts that were uncovered.

In order to satisfy lots of very curious minds, we began to delve deeper into the history of the Terracotta Army. In one of our art lessons, we explored the different features of the Terracotta Warriors and began an inquiry into how they were made and why each one was crafted to look unique. We looked at the different ranks and the features of them so that we could identify and recreate them to produce our own replica. Using air-dry clay, Year 4 then create their very own models and put them into the battle ready layout, just as they would have been placed when they were first created. Additionally, they sketched and painted a warrior to display in our classroom. The children put so much time and effort into their creations and should be very proud of themselves. Their enthusiasm confirmed that this had to be the inspiration for our class assembly!

The children had lots of involvement in the creation of the assembly. Their ideas contributed to the facts and information included, the different scene changes and topic coverage, the script writing, costumes and the acting itself. Yes, as much as we teachers would like to take the credit for those jokes, we must emphasise that lots were the children’s own creations!

The children fully embraced every rehearsal carried out, putting in maximum effort and determination to succeed. Day after day, their hard work was clear to see with their confidence growing more and more confidently delivering their lines and even adding in little extra bits that they so creatively thought of. Year four have thoroughly entertained every single person who saw them during their practices.

The final productions, to parents on Wednesday and to the rest of the school on Thursday, were fantastic! The children’s hard work paid off and they delivered an excellent class assembly. With lots of laughter and smiles, they were thoroughly entertaining and a pleasure to watch. Every single child should be extremely proud of themselves for working so hard and creating such an enjoyable assembly. We hope that those who were available to watch had a lovely morning and enjoyed the production.

Miss Holt & Mrs Carrasco

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