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☰ Year 5 & 6 Trip to Tatton

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Year 5 & 6 Trip to Tatton

Posted on December 01 2016

Tatter’s Ton was the destination of the day for Year 5 and 1941 Tatton Farm was the destination for Year 6 as we embarked on our shared trip last month. Climbing on to the coach was a mixture of Saxon warriors complete with headdresses, plaits and swords and a troop of evacuees adorned in gingham, knee high socks and clutching gas masks. The anticipation of an immersive school trip on the cards, we set of for the beautiful grounds of Tatton Park.

Although the weather was not on our side; the rain lashed down and the wind whipped our cloaks, it didn’t stop us from fully appreciating all the activities and workshops on offer.

Year 5 were taken to meet Tatter, a Saxon settler, in the woods beyond the farm. The pupils were put through their paces with tactical fighting formations using shields in specific shapes depending on the weaponry being used against them. They handled objects and artefacts to decipher which things would be deemed valuable in Saxon times and why. Lady Tate taught the children all about bread making by the fire and although we had to retreat to the warmer and slightly less damp realms of the wooden round house, the children got to add the ingredients needed and kneaded the dough into balls whilst discussing herbal additions or natural sweeteners they could use to enhance the bread! The children also became mini experts on deer and antlers!

Meanwhile, back on the farm, Year 6 was hard at work tending the animals and discussing how they were to help around the place if they were to stay for the duration of the war. Tasks included mucking out the animals, getting up early to walk several miles to school, collecting rations and lots of household chores which Aunt Mary explained. In her cosy but primitive kitchen, the children were quizzed about the apparatus and washing duties. In the warm living room, fire blazing beside a small decorated Christmas tree, they got to learn about the hearth, the most important part of the house; hot water, food, ironing all depended on the fire staying alight. The children enjoyed toast making over the open flames. Just as we were warming up, the siren blared! We had to hot foot it to the air raid shelter and wait in the gloom for the all clear. We sang songs to pass the time and keep the nerves at bay! Some of the children were not a fan of the farmer in the song with his gun at the ready to make rabbit pie!

All in all, a fantastic day was had by all. Much was learnt and experienced and the children came away with a wealth of new knowledge. 

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