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☰ School Developments

School Progress Plan

2019-2020 Priorities

Throughout the Autumn Term, Forest Park Preparatory School undertook a series of activities to evaluate its provision. As part of this, the school reached out to those closest to the school – pupils, staff and parents – to understand areas of strength and particular points for development. 

The findings have been incorporated into a School Progress Plan.

Over the next two years, we shall be focusing on three key areas which are aligned with our mission and will support us in bringing our vision to life. 

The three key areas are:

Making Learning Visible to All

Making Learning Visible to All

To enhance the visibility of learning and progress within the learning environment.

Enhancing Pupil Ownership of Learning

Enhancing Pupil Ownership of Learning

To further embed opportunities for greater ownership from pupils of their next steps in their learning journey.

Greater Opportunities for Personal Development

Greater Opportunities for Personal Development

Ensuring pupils have opportunities to broaden their personal development through languages, sport and music and develop healthy habits to help them feel positive about their bodies and mind.

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School Development Timeline

The timeline below showcases some of the key developments at Forest Park in recent years.

Scroll through our timeline to follow our story and keep up to date with our latest developments.


  • New sports provider at the school
  • Introduced Spanish lessons to our curriculum 
  • Introduced French and Chinese after-school clubs, in addition to Spanish


  • Student Council Playhouse Opens
  • Swivl Video Coaching Project
  • Reorganised Senior Management Team


  • New Playground Equipment Installed
  • Tablets Improve EYFS Computing Provision
  • Active Maths Initiative 


  • New Music Chalet Installed 
  • Chromebooks Enhance Learning
  • Summer Shows Moves to Garrick Theatre


  • Holiday Club Provision Expanded
  • Reporting Progress to Parents Cycle
  • Installation of All-Weather Surface

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