School Vision & Values

Forest Park Vision

To ensure that every child has the best start in their learning lives, preparing them to thrive in education and beyond. We want to instil an attitude that each pupil can and will achieve.

Mission and Promise

At Forest Park, our promise is to provide every child with an excellent, well-rounded education, in a safe, happy and stimulating environment that inspires a life-long love of learning.

Our small class sizes, high-quality teaching and individually tailored curriculum enable us to encourage, support and extend every child’s academic and personal needs.

Caring for the individual has always been at the heart of our school and our exceptional pastoral provision ensures that every child can thrive within the school, wider community and are fully prepared for the transition to their grammar school of choice.

We nurture all children through a vital phase of their growth and development, focusing on all aspects of education – academic, personal, social and moral – to create confident and respectful individuals.

Core Values​

We listen to every child and encourage them to learn and grow as they develop their key skills. All personal needs are looked after as part of the Forest Park family. We believe in the best outcomes for every child. High-quality teaching and learning enables pupils to achieve the highest possible standards in all that they do. We provide an appropriate level of challenge for pupils. Hard work and dedication from pupils ensure they achieve success and foster a love for learning.

Strategic Approach

Developing the whole child so that they are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

Relentlessly focusing on the development of core learning skills and ensuring staff practice is up to date.

Ensuring that we work in close partnership with parents, and provide a broad, balanced curriculum that fits the needs of every individual child.

Creating a learning environment in which children are able to enjoy practical and immersive learning experiences.

Delivering a curriculum that challenges, inspires and prepares pupils for a better future.

Creating high aspirations for pupils to become independent, resilient learners who strive for success.

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