We offer a broad and challenging curriculum to engage and inspire our children throughout their time at Forest Park. Pupils enjoy learning and experiences that bring out the very best in them. Our school values are at the heart of all learning at Forest Park. By understanding how we learn, our children are proactive and reflective in their learning, knowing how to approach a task and which skills to draw upon. Our inter-connected curriculum enables learning to be understood deeply and provides meaningful links between and within subject areas.

Each year group is exposed to immersive experiences that bring their thematic curriculum to life, from dressing up in historic costumes to visiting museums and going on field trips. Pupils are exposed to a wide range of opportunities that lead to a greater depth of understanding.

We have high expectations of our pupils to put into practice all the learning attributes that are entwined throughout the school: resilience, independence, teamwork, creative thinking, risk taking and reflection. With this special combination of skills, together with support from a highly qualified and caring team, our pupils reach their potential time and time again.

Inquisitive minds are developed, collaborative learning is encouraged, and academic achievement is celebrated. We pride ourselves on our vibrant, nurturing, yet academic environment, where every child receives individual attention and personalised learning.

Last Remaining Reception 2024 Places Available

If you are interested in a Reception place for 2024, we would be delighted to invite you to Forest Park Prep to meet our headmaster and staff, tour our facilities and experience the lovely environment that we all share at Forest Park.

Please call 0161 973 4835 or email for more information.